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Wildfox Resorts team welcomes Steven Kinnock MP to site

Wildfox Team and Steven Kinnock in high viz at Wildfox Resorts Afan Valley
Left to Right: Benjamin Lloyd (Wildfox Resorts), Stephen Kinnock MP, Claire Pearce (Wildfox Resorts), Josh Willis (Keystone), Kathryn Dunstan and (Neath Port Talbot Group of College), Eddy Jones (Skills Ranger Manager)

The Wildfox Resorts Team were delighted to welcome Stephen Kinnock MP to the first of a new era of adventure and wellbeing resorts in the UK. Headquartered in Wales, with the first showcase resort in the Afan Valley. Wildfox represents a transformational opportunity to create new employment in a growing economic sector that enables the valleys to look beyond the traditional industries long closed such as coal mining and respond to new challenges as other sectors restructure, such as steel.

Tourism development is a natural fit for the dramatic Welsh landscape and a huge opportunity to embrace the focus on wellbeing and integrate that with economic sectoral and workforce development.

Ben Lloyd, Group Director – Commercial Strategy, responsible for Wildfox, highlighted the significant growth of sports tourism, with UN Tourism research projecting a 17.5% increase from 2023 to 2030. This trend is anticipated to significantly influence travel within the UK and globally. The sports hospitality market is expected to be valued at £16 billion by 2027, with sports tourism contributing to 10% of global tourism expenditure.

Claire Pearce Director of Sustainability and Planning commented: “Wildfox Resorts is an example of the financial and real estate market responding to the size of the market and focusing on creating best-in-class services for fitness and sport enthusiasts to enjoy training, facilities and wellbeing therapies as well as providing ‘access’ level facilities to ensure high levels of participation into active lifestyles. Our specific focus will be to enhance the already excellent facilities for mountain biking and climbing and compliment this with accommodation and an exceptional spa, creating a new tourism destination and hub in the Afan Valley”.

Stephen Kinnock commented: “It is important that Wales is agile and responds to shifting economic circumstances, enabling new sectors to grow, creating new products and services to capture a share of that value and connect opportunities to communities. Creating a bespoke adventure resort in the Afan Valley to enhance the visitor economy is a strategic economic response that facilitates greater economic diversity and sustainability, and offers new training and jobs to individuals and families in the Neath Port Talbot area”.

Gemma Charnock from NPTC Group of Colleges, added: “The College will be working with students and the community during 2024 to engage and offer entry-level opportunities to inspire and encourage individuals to take a forward step along a new pathway to future employment. This complements the work the Wildfox team are already doing in local schools

About Wildfox Resorts

Set in 318 acres around Croeserw, Wildfox Resorts Afan Valley promises to create 1,000 jobs in construction and a further 1,000 jobs in operations. It will be a catalyst for the expansion of employment and tourism in Neath Port Talbot and surrounding areas, whilst prioritising the health and wellbeing of residents and the workforce.


The resort, formally granted approval by Neath Port Talbot Council in January 2022 after the signing of legal agreements, will feature 130 room hotel, including apartments and 570 lodges, offering an active and adrenaline-filled escape for those of all ages who wish to partake in a range of activities.


For those looking for a more relaxing experience or an opportunity to recharge, the resort will offer a state-of-the-art spa and an extensive wellbeing programme which will including activities, events and pop up experiences.



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