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Learn more about the Wildfox Resorts Group and the team behind the vision to create a series of adventure and wellness resorts.

Wildfox Resorts Group

In 2021, our Founders came together with a vision to be the number one resort business for adventure and wellbeing, emerging as a world-renowned brand.

Establishing the next generation of resorts - redefining adventure, leisure and wellness tourism. Wildfox Resorts will be synonymous with dramatic locations that fuse natural beauty with sensitive design and operations.

Our values


We’re building a
community within a


We live for the moment, and planfor the future.


Experience that looks, tastes and feels like quality.

We have a mission to create world-renowned adventure and wellbeing resorts to give our guests the best holiday they have ever had.

Technology will enable us to disrupt and develop the market opportunity by offering better service, more dynamic experiences, enabling efficiencies across the business.

We will provide a wide array of adventure and wellness facilities with guided activities, integrated amongst high-quality accommodation, infused with culture, enclosed within a secure environment.

Wildfox Resorts will be born and based in Wales, establishing both the group headquarters and opening of Resort 1 in South Wales in 2027. Three resorts are proposed in the UK.

Our team

Get to know the team behind this transformational regeneration project.

Wildfox Resorts Martin Bellamy.png

Martin Bellamy

Chief Executive Officer

Wildfox Resorts Benjaimin Lloyd.png

Ben Lloyd 

Director of Group Strategy

Wildfox Resorts Claire Pearce.png

Claire Pearce

Director of Sustainability and Economic Development

Wildfox Resorts -Peter Moore OBE.jpg

Peter Moore OBE

Advisor to the Board 

Hear from the team

Wildfox Resorts Lord David Triesman.png

Lord David Triesman


Wildfox Resorts will be a truly remarkable brand made in Wales, and one of the most exciting new brands in the world.


Our resorts will offer unapparelled adventure and fun for all age groups, as well as outstanding facilities in a breathtaking environment.

Delivery team

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