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Learn more about the Wildfox Resorts Group and the team
behind the vision to create a series of leisure resorts, that
puts adventure front and centre.

Wildfox Resorts Group

In 2021, our Founders came together with a vision of redefining adventurous staycation getaways, without compromising on relaxation.

They established Wildfox Resorts Group with a mission to create lifestyle resorts that build memorable experiences.


We will deliver resorts that offer the widest choice of adventurous pursuits and relaxing activities to suit your wants and needs.


We are mindful of any ecological impact that our resorts might have - that's why we partner with experts to help restore the land and maximise its potential - improving local ecosystems and shaping a future that surrounding communities can be proud of.


Whether you’re looking for bold, daring adventure, or time away to unwind, you’ll find it at Wildfox Resorts.

Our first resort will be Afan Valley in South Wales, opening in 2027. Afan Valley will be the first of three proposed resorts in the UK.

Our values


We’re building a
community within a


We live for the
moment, and plan
for the future.


Experience that
looks, tastes and
feels like quality.

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