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Over half of UK staycationers want an adventure-based holiday

New report lifts the lid on the priorities of holidaymakers

UK staycationers are increasingly looking for adventurous holidays in nature, with more than 60% of the public favouring such trips, according to a new report from Cardiff-based, Wildfox Resorts. All-inclusive stays remain highly sought-after with 44% seeking out holidays with a set price for all you can enjoy. Spa holidays are rated third most desirable, with 34% of respondents wanting to escape and relax.

The report, Public Attitudes to the UK Staycation Market, sought to understand how COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis have impacted how people holiday and why people holiday at home.

With rising costs becoming a key factor in deciding where to go, respondents were asked how they consider their choices. When planning where to go, relaxation and wellbeing was the dominant consideration for respondents (74%), followed closely by exploring somewhere new (68%) and seeing iconic landmarks, including landscapes (64%).

The findings point to demand for the UK holiday market to offer adventurous getaways without losing sight of rest and wellbeing.

Ben Lloyd, Director of Group Strategy at Wildfox Resorts, commented: “The data shows we are increasingly becoming a nation of adventurers. There is a positive trend in both respondents’ interest and engagement with not only outdoor activities, but adrenaline-fuelled adventure activities across all ages, for both men and women.

“Although outdoor activities are important, the concept is clear – consumers want experience-led holiday destinations. Over half of respondents highlighted that the most important element of a domestic holiday was experiencing as much as possible in the time available.”

While COVID-19 kept many of us apart, the report found that there has been a reactionary drive by holidaymakers to reconnect. 65% of respondents stated that spending time with family, friends, and partners was an important factor when choosing a holiday.

After two years of virtual meetings, it seems we’re not quite prepared to leave our devices at home (only 32% of respondents said that disconnecting was important to them).

Claire Pearce, Director of Sustainability and Economic Development at Wildfox Resorts, commented: “The holiday market has been turned on its head over the last two years. We’re now seeing more and more holidaymakers turn their attention to UK destinations. In doing so, however, they’re increasingly placing adventures in nature and relaxation at the heart of their choices.

“Considered together, our research points to a growing demand for UK staycations that offer unique and memorable experiences. Working together to capitalise on these opportunities - and deliver a high-quality service that is true to the local region - is at the heart of Wildfox Resorts.”

Wildfox Resorts sampled 1,300 general consumers in the UK aged 18 and over (national representative sample) with a boosted sample of 506 in Wales, totalling 1,806 respondents overall.

Read the full report.


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